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SERVPRO of South Sarasota and Compete Mold Damage Solutions

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

SERPVPRO mold remediation license SERVPRO Provides Mold Remediation and Reconstruction Build-Backs for Our Sarasota Area Neighbors

Mold Remediation and Reconstruction for SERVPRO of South Sarasota

Whether it appears in small clusters on sheetrock or announces its presence by a musty odor, both of these can lead to the need for professional mold remediation in a residential or commercial property. A fast response and engaging professional remediation efforts when mold is suspected can save both contents and building materials from loss and further damage, and help protect human health.
When property owners require assistance with mold damage in South Sarasota, it is worth noting that the State of Florida has strict standards that require a state license for companies offering assessment and remediation. We have posted a copy of our Florida State License for Mold Remediation (license #MRSR3181) in the accompanying photo. We provide a full package of services for complete mold restoration, which includes scoping the premises as well as remediation and reconstruction as needed to return the property to its preloss condition. We offer our customers the option of a ‘one-stop shop’ mold remediation and build-back reconstruction, for a seamless service.

Because Florida regulations prohibit the same company from doing mold testing and the mold remediation work on the same project, if the situation requires mold testing by a Florida licensed mold assessor (indoor environmental specialist or industrial hygienist) from an independent company, we will manage that aspect of the restoration process. The need for formal mold testing varies from project to project. We will help you determine your needs during our initial inspection.  When you see mold or smell it, it is time to call in SERVPRO.
No company can remove all the mold or microbial growth from your home; that is a misconception. Mold occurs naturally both indoors and outdoors. The microscopic spores enter residences and commercial properties through doors, windows and may even hitch a ride in on a pet. The key to whether or not spores develop into a mold problem in a residential or commercial property in Sarasota depends on the temperature, moisture levels, and the availability of something organic to consume such as wood or sheetrock with its cardboard backing.  

The remediation process for mold is a multi-layered process. One of the first actions our SERVPRO Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) perform is scoping the affected areas and containing areas that harbor mold colonies to stop any further spread of spores (sporulation). This initial application can include placing dehumidifiers and several methods of containment, including establishing negative air pressure, sealing-off vents to inhibit contamination by spores in the ductwork, and placing plastic sheeting over doorways.  

Then, our SERVPRO  technicians determine the cause of the conditions in the home or commercial property harboring mold. Common issues are undetected leaks in plumbing or the roof, poor ventilation, failing HVAC systems or slow, and clogged drains; all of these present conditions that can lead to a conducive environment for mold growth. Sarasota is home to some Old Florida architecture, and these older architecture and property designs can create unique situations for fungi proliferation. Since our teams are local, we are well-acquainted with discovering the areas where mold can take hold in homes within older construction.  

The training, certifications, and experience of our Water Damage Restoration Technicians enable our team to uncover the root cause of the excess moisture or humid conditions that support mold growth, and with permission from the property owner or adjuster, to undertake the required steps to correct it. Stopping the source of the moisture can proceed to a controlled demolition of mold affected or non-salvageable building materials.

Although SERVPRO strives to restore rather than replace personal contents, it is not always possible to save mold-damaged items. Porous and semi-porous items such as carpeting, upholstered furnishings, and sheetrock in many cases are not restorable through cleaning and disinfection. In extreme cases, our SERVPRO team may need to perform controlled removal of damaged sheetrock or wood damaged by rot. These structural and cosmetic building materials we can reconstruct as the final step in the mold restoration service. The outlook for saving non-porous items is much more positive on a case by case basis, and our technicians use both industrial washing as well as hand detailing to ensure they have sanitized all surfaces.

We work carefully to limit airborne contaminants even within the isolation barriers, and air scrubbers are a vital piece of the puzzle for mold remediation. Within this machine are layers of High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filtration.  The various mechanical means we employ to remove mold from materials within the containment area results in mold and spores becoming airborne. These are extracted from the air by the air scrubbers within the containment area. The air scrubbers capture airborne particulates that are smaller than the human eye can see, as tiny as .3 microns, collecting virtually all dust, debris, mold spores, and broken up fungi that can circulate during the cleaning and scraping process.

If there are odors left behind after drying and abatement, we have a variety of means to eradicate odors at the source, down to the molecular level. Our Odor Control Technicians (OCT) know that sometimes neutralizing musty mold odors can take more than one method. Hydroxyl generators use UV rays much like the Sun and kill airborne spores and odors without adding any moisture to the affected areas, and this machine is safe to use while performing other damage restoration tasks.  We can fog affected areas with our ULV ultra-low volume portable device which can neutralize odors and also provide masking during the initial implementation.

Upon completion of remediation efforts, SERVPRO technicians give the property owner a detailed listing including photos of the mold damage cleanup and restoration efforts. A separate report provides a listing of the necessary repairs and restorations needed to bring the mold affected areas back to their preloss condition. Because our location offers full restoration services, we can handle both the mold remediation and the complete restoration of structures of all types.

SERVPRO of South Sarasota handles all aspects of residential and commercial mold remediation and rebuilding to preloss condition. Contact us at (941) 552-6319 and our experienced, licensed technicians can restore your property and make it, "Like it never even happened."

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