Photo Gallery

Fire trucks on the scene in a vacation community

Sarasota Fire Department on the Scene

The fire in this Sarasota community was extinguished by the Sarasota County Fire Department. A rapid response to helps minimize the damage caused by both the fire and firefighting efforts, so when our SERVPRO Green Fleet arrived soon after the fire department had extinguished the flames, we immediately got to work mitigating the damage. Even the local firefighters were impressed by our standard fast response. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

Stacks of green air movers, back of a truck, in parking garage staging area

Why SERVPRO Provides Solutions for Water Damage in Sarasota

Property managers and business owners rely on SERVPRO to mitigate water damage and keep their enterprises functioning. The stacks of air movers in this staging area of a Sarasota condo parking garage are just a small portion of our outstanding inventory of advanced equipment. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Why not go with the restoration leader SERVPRO.

debris from fire on wood floor in entrance to a bedroom

Siesta Key and Fire Damage Cleanup

The residual debris on the floor of the bedroom in this Siesta Key condominium is ash left by a fire. Fortunately, it was a relatively small fire, and no one was injured, but even small fires can result in significant damage from smoke, soot, and the resulting odors.  Our SERVPRO Team members are certified in Fire Damage Restoration by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We apply the latest techniques, equipment, and professional grade cleaning products for the removal and cleaning of the debris and purge the interior of pungent odors. We also restored the flooring to its preloss condition, making this fire "Like it never even happened." Contact us, and we can work with you and your insurance carrier for a rapid restoration service.

SERVPRO green fleet vans in front of a commercial property

Sarasota Commercial Water Cleanup Equipment

When a Sarasota business had after hours water damage, the team from SERVPRO arrived quickly in their green service vans containing every piece of equipment they needed for extraction, drying and restoration. The trained techs are available 24/7 to make the problem, “Like it never even happened.”

School hallway with wet carpeting

Safety First in Osprey Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

Anytime you have a property the public accesses such as this school, commercial water damage needs extra-special care to avoid slip and fall accidents. SERVPRO techs put up signs on arrival and cordoned off areas as needed to keep unauthorized persons safe by keeping them out of the worksite.

SERVPRO technician in condo clubhouse with thermal fogging equipment

Siesta Key Beach Gets Deep Cleaning from SERVPRO

This Siesta Key Beach condo clubhouse needed a sanitizing clean from SERVPRO. The technicians use their proprietary cleaning agents, including biocides and antimicrobial solutions delivered via thermal fogging to ensure that surfaces get left disinfected and ready for safe reuse.

Male employee in white PPE suite holding a fogging machine in an office

Applying Disinfectant to a Local Office

Our team has been busy applying disinfectant to local offices. This picture shows one of our technicians using disinfecting fogging. We have the tools, training, and Personal Protective Equipment to effectively clean your business. SERVPRO of South Sarasota is available for your virus cleaning needs.

Hotel experiences water loss event

Water Damage In Sarasota

The Ritz Carlton experienced a water damage emergency and needed our help. We responded quickly and began the restoration process. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we were able to restore this property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of South Sarasota is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Sarasota Area Storm and Hurricane Restoration

June 1st is the start of the hurricane season is Southwest Florida, and SERVPRO of South Sarasota is prepared for any disasters nature may throw our way.  Our team continually trains so that we are ready to go at a moment's notice. Keep your eye on the sky and call SERVPRO for any water damage emergencies.

Sarasota Hotel Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water damage. There is never a convenient time for flooding to occur. It creates lost business, productivity, and revenue. Moreover, when you are in the hotel industry, it has the potential to displace your guests.

When water damage occurred at an area hotel, SERVPRO of South Sarasota came to the rescue. Because of our training, we were able to remove the water with as little disruption as possible. Call us today for all of your water damage needs.

Water Damage Restoration In Siesta Key

After a water damage incident in your Siesta Key home, call the professionals at SERVPRO for help. We are locally owned and operated, and Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO of South Sarasota has the certified personnel, advanced training, state-of-the-art equipment, and expertise to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

Sarasota Flooding

The weather in Florida can be unpredictable, and flash floods can occur at any time.  SERVPRO of Sarasota is available 24/7 365 days a year to restore your home and make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold Problem in an Osprey Condo

SERVPRO advises seasonal residents to set the thermostat to 80 degrees to prevent moisture buildup and possible mold explosions like shown in this Osprey condo Photo. Have a neighbor check your unit at weekly for any signs of mold or water damage. We can work with you from afar to resolve any mold remediation needed.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in South Sarasota

When your hotel or other business area high traffic carpeting has not received the cleaning attention that it deserves, the area can look very dirty.  Contact SERVPRO like the client in the photo above for carpet cleaning services! Call today at (941) 552-6319.

Fire Damage In Sarasota

When this property experienced a fire damage emergency, they called our experts. Using our specialized cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment our fire damage specialists were able to restore this property to pre-damage condition. If a fire causes damage to your property, you can trust our team to respond quickly. SERVPRO of South Sarasota will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Water Damage Repair In Longboat Key

Our team at SERVPRO of South Sarasota responded to a call regarding a commercial water damage emergency at a property in Longboat Key. The roof was leaking and caused significant water damage to the property. Thanks to the fast response from our experts we were able to restore this property to pre-damage condition. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Siesta Key Mold Remediation

An unoccupied condo in Siesta Key, without interior climate control, often results in large mold infestations requiring significant demolition and remediation. SERVPRO advises seasonal residents to keep the A/C set at 79-80 degrees to control moisture and humidity when away. However, if you need help, we are a phone call away.

Commercial Water Damage in Sarasota

This business in a Sarasota strip-center suffered water damage from a ruptured supply line. Our SERVPRO Green Cargo Van arrived promptly after the emergency call for assistance. Our crew is busy off-loading equipment to extract the water and dry out the commercial office. We work fast to keep your business in business.

Water Damage In Sarasota

Our team will respond fast to your water damage emergency. Our staff is highly trained and certified by the IICRC. SERVPRO of South Sarasota has the equipment and experience needed to return your home to pre-damage condition. “Like it never even happened.”

South Sarasota Fire From the Dryer

The clogged vent in this clothes dryer resulted in a charred and fire-damaged area in this South Sarasota house. If called up, SERVPRO team members can do a controlled, small demolition, and eliminate the offensive odors with a hydroxyl generator and prepare the fire damaged area for a rebuild.

Commercial Mold Damage In Osprey

Mold can bring your business to a halt quickly. Since mold can spread fast, our 24-hour emergency service will allow our mold remediation specialists to be at your property right away. SERVPRO of South Sarasota has the right equipment and hands-on experience needed to remove your mold infestation. “Like it never even happened.”

Storm and Flooding Damage and Restoration--Sarasota

The flooding damaged this home in Sarasota requiring significant demolition, cleanup, and restoration. The process in the photo reflects how SERVPRO can clear out the debris and set up air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out the remaining airborne moisture. The circulation of air across the surface of the composite subfloor is key to salvaging this material from the trash heap.

Mold Damage - Sarasota Closet

Mold damage overran this Sarasota closet. A significant mold infestation had become established before the homeowners sought out help. SERVPRO of South Sarasota would respond quickly to the homeowners call for help. This severe mold damage would require that the walls be torn out and disposed of properly. Then the infestation on the interior of the walls could be cleaned and treated with a fungicide. Then the drywall would be replaced.

Siesta Key Fire Damage

The fire damaged house in Siesta Key can look like the photo after SERVPRO demolishes and cleans up the debris. Preparing a smoke and fire damaged home properly is crucial for a successful rebuild to happen. Count on us to move the process along.

Commercial Water Damage - Siesta Key

Commercial water damage struck this Siesta Key business when rainwater from a massive thunderstorm carrying high winds compromised the roof of the building. Rainwater was able to flow freely into the interior of the facility. The drop ceiling in the photo collapsed under the weight of the water.

Siesta Key Water Damaged Kitchen

When no one is home for weeks at a time a small house in Siesta Key can sustain massive water loss from a low volume of water. The standing water can soak through the grout and soak the plywood subfloor and damage the walls and base cabinets. What to do? Call SERVPRO for a cleanup and restoration to prepare your kitchen for a remodel.

South Sarasota Condo Sustains Storm Damage

The storm drove a quantity of water into the storage area of this South Sarasota condo building. The soaked cartons and supplies can further degrade the other materials if need quickly collected and tossed from the area. SERVPRO technicians realize that controlling moisture is a key factor in mitigating water and storm damage.

Mold Damage - Sarasota Home

Mold damage developed in this bank owned Sarasota house due to lack of air circulation. The humid environment provided the conditions for these patches to grow. The damaged drywall would have to be removed and disposed of properly. Next would come the application of an antimicrobial agent to the affected area. Then new drywall would be installed.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Siesta Key

When your business experiences water damage, you need to contact the team at SERVPRO of South Sarasota immediately. Since we are available 24/7, we can respond quickly to your water damage emergency. SERVPRO has the best technicians in the restoration industry, is locally owned and operated, and We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Fire in a Siesta Key Bathroom

Fires can cause heart-wrenching reactions from homeowners in Siesta Key. The mess may seem overwhelming, but by contacting SERVPRO, you can be assured of a cleanup and restoration that will make you feel "Like it never even happened."

South Sarasota Storm Damaged House

Tropical storms can leave behind plenty of contaminated water. SERVPRO techs can extract the water, discard the filthy drywall and carpeting, and then dry out the structured. Various air movers and dehumidifiers help with the removal of dampness.

Building Mold Containment--Sarasota

SERVPRO can construct poly sheeting containment barriers during a mold remediation service in the Sarasota area. The visible HEPA filtered air scrubbers helps to prevent mold spores and particles from circulating to clean areas of the structure.

Siesta Key Water Damaged Unit

The water after extraction from a condo in Siesta Key still needs a thorough drying to prevent secondary damages, especially from mold. This air mover, placed by SERVPRO techs enhances the drying time by increasing the rate of evaporation over hard surfaces.

Osprey Office Flooding Mishap

The leaking water line covered this Osprey office floor with a large amount of water needing rapid extraction. SERVPRO can respond quickly to mitigate damage and stoppage of work. Call us for help, and we can arrive swiftly.

Storms and Hurricanes Affect Osprey Homes

Houses and condos in Osprey suffer through some difficult storm damaging conditions. The cleanup, and drying out of belongings and structures is a cornerstone of the SERVPRO services offered. Rely on us to get you back to where you feel "Like it never even happened."

Sarasota Mold Damaged Property

The drain pipe was cracked, and water leaked in the wall cavity Mold destroyed the walls and left a musty odor needed remediation. Our SERVPRO AMRT technicians removed the damaged drywall, disinfected the area, and set up an air scrubber to purify the air.

Fire Damage – Sarasota Home

Fire damage at a Sarasota home created soot and smoke damage to the contents as well as to the dwelling itself. We needed to remove the contents and transport them to our warehouse for restoration and storage while the house was being fully restored.

Flooding in a Siesta Key Condo Service Area

The infrastructure of a large condo building in Siesta Key is no less intricate than a large office building. Management and residents rely on SERVPRO to keep things high and dry. We extracted this flooding in a day, and the service area was back to normal levels of moisture content in about a week.

Storm Damage – Sarasota

Storm damage in Sarasota often requires significant resources, and they are needed quickly. SERVPRO of South Sarasota has access to the Disaster Recovery Team which has trucks loaded and ready to dispatch on a moments notice.

Osprey Mold Damage from a Leak

The plumbing leak was repaired from the access door but not before the moisture allowed mold spores to develop. The patches in this Osprey condo were scraped away, with a HEPA filtered hand vac to reduce the circulation of mold spores. An antifungal agent was sprayed into the wall cavity, also. SERVPRO does the mold remediation right.

Siesta Key Water Damage

Water damage cleanup in a Siesta Key house starts with repairing the leak, and if necessary to demolish and discard damaged ceiling materials. Drying out the wetted exposed wood and then applying an antifungal agent then prepares the rebuilding of the damaged area.

Fire Damage and Smoke Odor – Sarasota

Fire damage in Sarasota generally produces soot and smoke odor. SERVPRO of South Sarasota uses various methods to remove this unwanted odor. Pictured here is one type of odor remover known as an ozone generator.

Sarasota Hotel Customer Convenience Office Soaked

The broken main meant a fast extraction of the standing water was needed to mitigate water damage. We had several techs using portable wet-vacs to start the drying process. Fortunately, the non-contaminated water simplified the service.

Sarasota Water Damage Before & After

When a Sarasota resident came home to severe water damage in the bathroom, the first call was to our SERVPRO team. If your home has water damage from leaks or flooding, we have the equipment and experience to quickly restore your residential property. The water cleanup and water removal process is completed by our highly-trained local technicians. If you suffer water damage in the Siesta Key or Sarasota area, call us for fast professional service. 

Dirty Water After a Storm in a Sarasota Office

This mail room of a large administration business suffered flooding from a storm that left standing water that was contaminated with sewage and debris. We safely removed the water and unsanitary items according to protocols. Our techs, at the end of the service, sanitized the affected areas.

Mold Testing and Remediation

The owner wished us to send out a sample to identify the species of mold that attacked his condo. Our remediation consisted of using a HEPA filtered vacuum as we scraped the fungi from the casings and trim. We lightly sprayed an antifungal and recommended to the owner to lower the humidity level.

Fire and Smoke Damage to a Vacant Property

Squatters started a fire that damaged the interior walls with heat and smoke. Our cleanup crew removed all the vestiges of the burning and then we did a thermal fogging to remove the lingering traces of smoke odor. Count on us to help.

Sarasota Water Restoration

This corner of the bedroom suffered water intrusion from the slab cracks. It seeped through the carpeting when it was discovered. Our fast removal of suctioning up some water and the quickly removing the carpet, padding, and carpet tack strips mitigated any further damage.